Huantai Tartary Buckwheat • Medical Health Knowledge

Tartary Buckwheat—King of the Five Cereals: It boasts protein and amino acid several times higher than rice, wheat and corn, rich in precious bioflavonoids–rutin (VP), D-chiral inositol, buckwheat alkali, magnesium and natural organic selenium, with tartary buckwheat starch being amylopectin. In addition, it’s also blessed with large amounts of mucus gel, 1.6% of the dietary fiber, two-oxyhydrogen CIS cinnamon acid and other various important substances. Via reasonable collocation, it becomes precious natural nutritional drinks.


Why Can Tartary Buckwheat Regulate Blood Sugar, Blood Fat and Blood Pressure?

Tartary buckwheat is rich in bioflavonoids which are mainly comprised of rutin–also known as vitamin P and can maintain the vascular resistance, reduce its permeability, reduce the brittleness, as well as increase the body’s sensitivity to insulin action. Besides, buckwheat alkali can reduce the effect of body fat and cholesterol, being an important ancillary drug to treat hypertension and cardiovascular disease, especially with special therapeutic effects on elderly patients and regulation effect on blood sugar, blood fat and blood pressure.


Why Does Tartary Buckwheat Have Effects on Cancer Prevention and Resistance?

Tartary buckwheat is blessed with natural organic selenium and buckwheat alkali which, with antioxidant and immune functions, can go against cancer, inhibit carcinogenic activity, function as antioxidant and scavenge oxygen free radicals with effective anti-cancer effect.


Why Can Tartary Buckwheat Maintain you Beauty and Keep you Young?

Tartary buckwheat, containing two-oxyhydrogen CIS cinnamon acid, can inhibit skin melanin, thus whitening the skin and preventing freckles and senile plaque.


Why Can Tartary Buckwheat Coordinate Intestines & Stomach?

Tartary buckwheat starch belongs to amylopectin, which is easily hydrolyzed to form gel mucus and becomes weakly alkaline after heating, thus it can protect the gastric mucosa and assist in the treatment of peptic ulcer patients.


Why Is Tartary Buckwheat Helpful to Constipation?

Amylopectin content in tartary buckwheat, up to 1.6% of the dietary fiber, is 8 times more than the ordinary flour, with good effects on the whole intestines and removing toxins in the body, being the scavenger of human digestive system. Nearly 1/3 of the tartary buckwheat protein is cleaning protein, able to eliminate the toxin and foreign substance in the body. And slimming and detoxification purposes can be realized via long-term consumption.