Pure Nutrition from the High Mountain


All seeds of Huantai Tartary Buckwheat are from the hinderland of Daliangshan, China. Natural and pure water from high mountain, natural and fertile organic soil endow Huantai Tartary Buckwheat with pure and primitive natural quality.


High and Cold Area, Golden Growth Line for Tartary Buckwheat

Huantai Tartary Buckwheat Planting Base is located in a high and cold green agricultural ecotope and in such a primitive environment with lower temperature and alternation of cold and warm, excellent tartary buckwheat is produced with better quality and richer nutrition.


Sunshine duration of 1,800h, Breeding Out Sunshine Tartary Buckwheat

Daliangshan enjoys the longest sunshine duration among places on the same latitude in China, with annual rainfall in a range of 800~1200mm and average temperature between 16~17℃, known as a “Natural Greenhouse” and the best growth environment for superior tartary buckwheat.


5 Times of Material Selection and 10 Procedures, More Attention on Nutritive and Healthy value

Raw materials of Huantai Tartary Buckwheat would experience repeated selection procedures from seeds to germs, from tartary buckwheat to tartary buckwheat tea. Meanwhile, tartary buckwheat tea made through 10 procedures will maximally activate and preserve the rich natural nutrition of tartary buckwheat for easier absorption and higher nutrition.


Strategic Cooperation with National Laboratory, Multiple Scientific Research Strength for Health and Quality

Huantai Group is the only strategic partner of National R&D Center for Coarse Cereal Processing, Subcenter (National Tartary Buckwheat Libratory) and the national tartary buckwheat libratory would provide Huantai Tartary Buckwheat with the most authoritative tartary buckwheat cultivation, planting and research & development technical support; meanwhile, Huantai Group has established a tartary buckwheat biology laboratory. Powerful strength and scientific research background give Huantai Tartary Buckwheat technical strength and product quality surpassing the industry greatly.