Quick Healthy Tip Of The Day: Why should you drink tartary buckwheat tea?
1. lowering blood sugar, blood cholesterol, and blood pressure;
2. slimming body, smoothing skin;
3. improving immunity, dissipating fatigue effect;
4. improving sleep quality;
5. protecting lever, neutralizing alcohol.

Tartary buckwheat (Fagopyrum tataricum) also known as duckwheatIndia buckwheatIndia wheatgreen buckwheatku qiao, or bitter buckwheat, is a domesticated food plant in the genus Fagopyrum in the family Polygonaceae. With another species in the same genus, common buckwheat, it is often counted as a cereal, but unlike the true cereals the buckwheats are not members of the grass family. Thus they are not related to truewheat. Tartary buckwheat is bitterer, but contains more rutin than common buckwheat. It also contains quercitrin.

Tartar buckwheat was domesticated in east Asia, and is also cultivated in Europe and North America. While it is an unfamiliar food in the West, it is still eaten in the Himalayan region today, as well as other regions in Southwest China such as Guizhou province. This plant has been cultivated in many parts of the world and is considered a weed among other crop plants.

  • While a buckwheat most popular in the market is called normal buckwheat or sweat buckwheat, "Dattan Soba" is called like a bitter buckwheat which holds a lot of Rutin much more than 100 times compare with that of normal buckwheat. Although normal buckwheat seeds in 75 days, "Dattan Soba" seeds in about 85 days. And the shape of seed is different each other. When boiled the yellow color of "Dattan Soba" noodle will become vivid, this is the proof of ingredient good for health itself.


    ("Dattan Soba" buckwheat farm spreading over vast highlands over 2000-3000m above the sea."Dattan Soba" is being cultivated in such clean air environment.)

  • mapThe botanical name of "Dattan Soba" is "Fagopyrum tataricum". Since "Tataricum" means Dattan or Tartary, the name of "Dattan Soba" is derived from this botanical name. Dattan (or Tartar) themselves, however, seem to be not living on Dattan Soba (Tartary buckwheat). "Dattan Soba" is originated in mountainous district of Yunnan and Sichuan Province of China more than 2000-3000m above the sea, and is being cultivated by the minority, Yi tribe there. This tribe used to take "Dattan Soba" in various way of cooking, besides it is still their staple food.


    (Long-established harvesting of "Dattan Soba" by the Yi tribe)

  • Why the Yi tribe people can lead so healthy and energetic life under such stern living environment? It is because they are living on "Dattan Soba" as a staple food. It is said that there are no life-style related diseases or adults' diseases existing in their society. Cultivation in this mountainous district is still based on traditional method not producing any hazardous influence against natural environment.] "Dattan Soba" grown up under extremes of temperature in highlands has been already proved to hold high nutritive value and medical properties. The Yi tribe people are yet powdering the buckwheat by a stone mill and passing the powder through a sieve to prepare their staple food. Having made long-term researches on the benefit of this wonderful staple food of the Yi tribe, the attractive and healthy food has been finally developed, that is "Dattan Soba".

    Column: Astonishingly high Nutritive Value of "Dattan Soba"

    "Dattan Soba" is holding astonishingly high nutritive value which has been introduced in various books historically as well as its benefit. In "Ben Cao Gang Mu", well-known medicine introductory special works published in 1578 during Ming era of China, it was introduced as "bitter noodle" and referred to be one of Chinese medicine.

    * 100 times more "Rutin" than that of a normal buckwheat!

    "Dattan Soba" is holding a lot of Rutin 100 times more than that of a normal buckwheat. Rutin is recognized to improve the condition of blood stream and prevent dementia effectively. It is also proved to reduce the level of blood sugar, cholesterol and blood pressure.

    * Nutritious and good for beauty

    Containing a lot of nutritive substances such as mineral, vitamin B1, E, plant fiber and so on, it is expected to function against oxidization and tumorigenicity. Like this "Dattan Soba" is well proved to be holding various important nutrients needed for people of today. In addition, it is certified to be good for beauty restraining melanin, the cause of stains and freckles, by cis-cinnamic acid contained. This is really the efficacy available from food which cannot expect a normal buckwheat. These various functions are good ground for "Dattan Soba" making a hit as a healthy food and good for beauty as well.

    IngredientsDattan SobaNormal buckwheat
    Water 12.3g 13.5g
    Protein 9.7g 12.1g
    tdpoid 3.0g 3.1g
    Mineral 1.5g 1.8g
    Carbohydrate 73.5g 68.5g
    Calorie 350Kcal 363Kcal
    Natrium 0.2mg 2.0mg
    Rutin 1400mg 15mg
    Quercetin 3.4mg -
    Note: per powder of 100g According to analysis of Japan Food Center
  • It boasts protein and amino acid several times higher than rice, wheat and corn, rich in precious bioflavonoids--rutin (VP), D-chiral inositol, buckwheat alkali, magnesium and natural organic selenium, with tartary buckwheat starch being amylopectin. In addition, it’s also blessed with large amounts of mucus gel, 1.6% of the dietary fiber, two-oxyhydrogen CIS cinnamon acid and other various important substances. Via reasonable collocation, it becomes precious natural nutritional drinks.

  • Tartary buckwheat is rich in bioflavonoids which are mainly comprised of rutin--also known as vitamin P and can maintain the vascular resistance, reduce its permeability, reduce the brittleness, as well as increase the body's sensitivity to insulin action. Besides, buckwheat alkali can reduce the effect of body fat and cholesterol, being an important ancillary drug to treat hypertension and cardiovascular disease, especially with special therapeutic effects on elderly patients and regulation effect on blood sugar, blood fat and blood pressure.

  • Tartary buckwheat is blessed with natural organic selenium and buckwheat alkali which, with antioxidant and immune functions, can go against cancer, inhibit carcinogenic activity, function as antioxidant and scavenge oxygen free radicals with effective anti-cancer effect.

  • Tartary buckwheat, containing two-oxyhydrogen CIS cinnamon acid, can inhibit skin melanin, thus whitening the skin and preventing freckles and senile plaque.

  • Tartary buckwheat starch belongs to amylopectin, which is easily hydrolyzed to form gel mucus and becomes weakly alkaline after heating, thus it can protect the gastric mucosa and assist in the treatment of peptic ulcer patients.

  • Amylopectin content in tartary buckwheat, up to 1.6% of the dietary fiber, is 8 times more than the ordinary flour, with good effects on the whole intestines and removing toxins in the body, being the scavenger of human digestive system. Nearly 1/3 of the tartary buckwheat protein is cleaning protein, able to eliminate the toxin and foreign substance in the body. And slimming and detoxification purposes can be realized via long-term consumption.

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